Chromatography Columns and Resins for Genomics Applications

Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns

  Acrosep™ 1 mL Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns
Acrosep 1 mL Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns Designed for affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, and hydroxyapatite chromatography applications. 

Chromatography Resins

Blue Trisacryl® M Affinity Chromatography Resin
Reusable resin with excellent chemical and mechanical stability. Strong bond of dye-to-resin prevents any leakage of the dye in normal working conditions. 

Ceramic HyperD® Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins (Q, S, DEAE, and CM)
"Gel-in-a-shell" technology delivers outstanding dynamic capacity and exceptional dimensional stability. The abundant ion exchange sites in the hydrogel are highly accessible to protein molecules.


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HA Ultrogel® Hydroxyapatite Chromatography Resin
Scalable mixed-mode ion exchange resin for the separation of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. The structure provides excellent rigidity and stability to pH and ionic strength changes.

Heparin HyperD® M Affinity Chromatography Resin
High speed, high capacity, affinity preparative resin for the purification of biological molecules that bind to heparin. Combines characteristics of a soft, high speed, high capacity hydrogel with the high dimensional stability of a rigid bead. 

Lysine HyperD® Affinity Chromatography Resin
This rigid resin allows the use of high flow rates without pressure increase or shrinking or swelling of the resin. It can be packed in column sizes from milliliters to more than hundred liters.

MEP HyperCel® Hydrophobic Charge Induction Chromatography (HCIC) Resin
Capture and purify of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with high purity in a single step. Dynamic binding capacities of >30 mg IgG per mL of resin (at 10% breakthrough) are routinely achieved.