Detection in Genomics

Detection techniques are important for interpreting results in all areas of genomics research and molecular diagnostic applications. As sample sizes become smaller and more valuable, the need intensifies for highly sensitive detection platforms that exhibit extremely low background. Our inspiring portfolio of membranes and materials provides the superior sensitivity you need to detect minute genomic samples. These products are proven and trusted for gene expression analysis.   

Pall manufactures all of our membranes to the strictest quality standards, assuring consistent performance from lot to lot and blot to blot. Biodyne® nylon membranes are available with a neutral charge, positive charge, or negative charge to meet the needs of various techniques. These membranes can be efficiently stripped and reprobed, and perform optimally with all detection systems. BioTrace™ NT is a pure, unsupported nitrocellulose membrane that is strong and durable, and features high nucleic acid binding capacities.

For increased throughput, choose our filter plates for various biomolecule-binding assays.  

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