Plasma preparations may contain viruses that are effectively removed and inactivated by combining nanofiltration (for size exclusion removal of non-lipid enveloped viruses) and treatment with non-ionic solvents and detergents (effective for lipid-coated viruses). The elimination of solvent and detergent from biological fractions is necessary, and can be achieved by various methods including resin partitioning, size exclusion, affinity or batch extraction with vegetable oils combined to reverse phase on C18.  

SDR HyperD® Solvent-Detergent Removal Resin
SDR HyperD® Solvent-Detergent Removal Chromatography ResinSDR HyperD Resin is a unique resin designed to eliminate solvent and detergent from biological fluids. SDR HyperD resin is made of silica-beads in which the pore volume is filled with a three-dimensional cross-linked hydrophobic polymer. The particle size distribution (40-100 µm), the small pore size of the silica beads, and the hydrophobic nature of the chemical groups make SDR HyperD resin an excellent tool for specific solvent detergent removal from biological liquids.


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