Disposable Filter Funnels

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Ready-to-use with No Time-consuming Presterilization or Cleanup Required

Reay-to-use Disposable Filter FunnelsHelping you eliminate potential contamination risks is what Pall’s MicroFunnel™ filter funnel is designed to do. Because environmental microorganisms are opportunistic by nature, they readily grow when introduced to a wide variety of aqueous solutions. If left unnoticed, these harmful microbes can result in a significant loss of time, money and productivity. 

Our disposable, gamma irradiated MicroFunnel filter funnels come ready-to-use and are individually bagged. These convenient filter funnels provide quality assurance when testing for microbial contamination – especially when employing the MF Technique. Offered in 100 mL and 300 mL sizes, MicroFunnel filter funnels are available in a variety of models featuring a wide selection of membrane options to meet your specific application requirements.
  • MicroFunnel Filter Funnels

    Our standard filter funnel provides easy squeeze separation from the base, preventing membrane disruption and offering fast, no-hassle operation. 
  • MicroFunnel LP Filter Funnels

    Features a built-in Petri dish lid kit and comes complete with absorbent pad. 
  • MicroFunnel ST Filter Funnels

    Ideal for sterility testing, these funnels are double bagged to facilitate use within isolators. A complete sterility testing validation guide is also available for added assurance of product performance. 
  • MicroFunnel Plus Filter Funnels

    Combines a filter funnel and sample cup into one easy-to-use device. Featuring a vented, capped lid that snaps to a liquid-tight seal. Plus, the lid’s flexible pull-tab makes removal easy.
  • MicroFunnel Plus AP Filter Funnels

    Our new MicroFunnel Plus AP filter funnel offers a sample port on the lid for aseptic connection and collection of your sample. The high temperature compatible tubing is aseptically attached between the filter funnel and the sample port on the water line. After the sample is collected, the tubing is removed and the cap is replaced on the MicroFunnel filter funnel lid.

Special Features

Easy Squeeze Separation

Quickly remove funnel from base to access membrane.

Ready To Use

Preassembled and gamma irradiated. Units fit directly on most filter manifolds.

Reduced Contamination Risk

Individually bagged, disposable filter units prevent cross-contamination.


Disposable Filter Funnel Applications
  • Quality control in pharmaceutical and other product manufacturing.
  • Convenient for last minute samples at the end of the day.
  • Quantify yeasts, molds and other organisms.
  • Monitor hot loop water samples. 
  • Alternative to closed-system sterility testing.

How to Select the Right MicroFunnel Filter Funnel

MicroFunnel Product Applications
MicroFunnel Plus and MicroFunnels Plus AP Filter Funnels Feature a vented, capped lid that snaps to a liquid-tight seal and eliminates the need for a separate sample collection cup. Products with Supor membrane are optimized to collect hot water.
MicroFunnel ST
Filter Funnels
Convenient and economical alternative to costly closed-system sterility testing when using an isolator or containment suite. Complete validation guide for sterility testing is available for added assurance of product performance.
MicroFunnel Filter Funnels Test any aqueous solution for microbial contamination using the principles of the MF Technique. Ideal for quality control analysis in pharmaceutical production.

Standard Procedures Using MicroFunnel Plus Filter FUnnels

Analyzing Ambient Samples

1. Carefully remove the vented lid and collect the sample.
2. Securely snap lid in place to prevent sample loss. Transport
    sample to laboratory for filtration.
3. Remove membrane vent from base, place funnel directly onto
    manifold, and filter the sample.
4. Gently grasp base then remove and discard lid.
5. Release cylinder from base by squeezing the midpoint of
    the cylinder
6. Remove the membrane, plate the filter, and incubate.

Collecting Hot Water Samples

1. Place funnel into holder with graduations visible through the
    viewing slot. Carefully remove the vented lid and collect
    the hot water sample.
2. With funnel and holder resting on a firm, level surface, securely
    snap lid in place to prevent sample loss. Remove funnel from
    holder and transport sample to laboratory for filtration.
    (Proceed with steps 3-6 for ambient water.)
Note: When using this product for sampling hot water loops, observe safety precautions which include the use of insulated rubber gloves, safety glasses, and Pall Life Sciences Funnel Holder for critical sample sites (PN 4824 for 100 mL funnels and PN 4825 for 300 mL funnels).

Procedures for MicroFunnel LP Filter Funnel

  1. Dispense the contents of an ampoule of culture medium onto the absorbent pad in the Petri dish lid kit, supplied only with MicroFunnel LP, PN 4810.
  2. With Petri dish lid kit removed, perform filtration then access membrane by gently squeezing the funnel cylinder. 
  3. Remove the membrane filter from the base with forceps.
  4. Place the membrane filter onto the broth-soaked absorbent pad in the Petri dish lid kit and incubate.

Reference Material

For complete product information – featuring technical reports, guides, reports and more – visit the Literature Library to view the following documents.
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  • Webcast, Using MicroFunnel Plus Filter Funnels to Reduce Sample Contamination

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