DMSO Compatibility-Sterile Filtration

Even if all of the other components of your freezing media have been filter sterilized, DMSO can add contaminants that may not be detected until after the cells are removed from storage and thawed. Many commonly-used filter materials are unstable in DMSO because it is an aggressive solvent. The DMSO-safe Acrodisc syringe filter can be used to filter-sterilize solutions containing DMSO to eliminate surprise contamination upon thawing cells. 

  Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Sterile Filtration Products

Sterile Filtration Applications
Sterile Filtration: Small-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Mid-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Large-volume Samples
Liquid Viscosity (Prefiltration)
Protein Concentration (Low Protein Binding)
Sterile Filtration: DMSO Compatibility
Sterile Filtration: Mycoplasma Retention

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