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Air quality is a concern worldwide due to its known impact on health and environmental issues. Globally, government regulators set standards to control pollution in the air we breathe. Pall began research on the development and production of filters for air sampling and analysis more than 40 years ago. As knowledge about the impact of industrial by-products and the need for monitoring have increased, so has Pall’s commitment to supplying products for air analysis.


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Environmental air monitoring, testing, sampling and analysis.

Products specifically designed for environmental air quality control applications.

Selection Guide: Find the best product for your environmental air quality control application.

Pall is one of the world's largest suppliers of membranes and glass fiber filters designed specifically for environmental monitoring and testing. If environmental testing is required, we have the expertise to supply the appropriate testing products. To keep abreast of industry needs, we maintain close ties with industry and environmental professionals worldwide. If you have an application challenge that you'd like to discuss, please contact us. With your input, we will continue to advance the technology of the field.

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