Environmental QC - Air Products, Microporous Membranes

GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Disc Filters
GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Disc FiltersInherently low ash membrane ideally suited for multiple NIOSH analytical methods.

GN-4 Metricel® MCE Membrane Disc Filters
GN-4 Metricel MCE Membrane Disc FiltersMeet NIOSH requirements for airborne metals and asbestos monitoring.

GN-6 Metricel® MCE Membrane Disc Filters
GN-6 Metricel MCE Membrane Disc FiltersAvailable in sterile, individually packaged S-Packs, autoclave packs, or non-sterile packs. 

HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration Membranes
HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration MembranesPTFE membrane is the ultimate in chemical compatibility for filtering harsh chemicals and HPLC mobile phases.

Metricel® Polypropylene Membrane Disc Filters
Metricel Polypropylene Membrane Disc FiltersPure polypropylene membrane for filtration of aggressive solvents.

Nylaflo™ Membrane Disc Filters
Nylaflo Membrane Disc FiltersA highly versatile laboratory membrane filter.


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Nylasorb™ Nylon Membrane Disc Filters
Nylasorb Nylon Membrane Disc FiltersPure nylon membrane specifically for the requirements of acidic dry deposition (acid rain) measurements.

PTFE Membrane Disc Filters
PTFE Membrane Disc FiltersStrong, chemically resistant membranes for air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environments