Fecal Coliforms/E. coli - Microbiological QC Application

Fecal Coliforms/E. coli (Method Number 9222)

M-FC Broth: E. coliM-FC Broth: E. coli, 24 hour culture at 44.5 °C 

M-FC Broth with rosolic acidM-FC Broth with rosolic acid: E. coli, 24 hour
culture at 44.5 °C 

Recommended Media Broth:

Broth MF-C/ MF-C with rosolic acid
Target Organism Fecal Coliforms
Recovery (versus control) > 85%
Test Organism E. coli
pH at 25 °C 7.4 +/- 0.2
Shelf Life (2 - 8 °C) 1 year
Media Color Blue/violet
Target Colony Color Blue

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