Filter Funnel Selection Guide

Filter funnels are used to measure and concentrate particulate in a fluid sample onto a membrane filter or to purify the filtrate. When selecting a funnel, consider:

Materials or Construction

  • Consider the temperature and chemical resistance of the funnel materials. Pall Life Sciences provides filter funnels in various materials from Type 316 stainless steel to molded plastics and glassware.
  • Harsh chromatography solvents are most susceptible to extracted contaminants, making glass filterware a compatible choice for these applications.
  • Stainless steel offers excellent chemical resistance in aggressive situations and is corrosion-resistant.
  • For liquid clarification, particulate and microbial analysis, and situations requiring autoclaving, choose one of our plastic funnels. Plastic funnels provide ease of handling and are compatible with many common laboratory chemicals. They are generally less expensive than stainless steel funnels and more durable than glass. The polyphenylsulfone construction of our Magnetic Filter Funnels is compatible with anti-foaming agents and some solvents.

Sample Volume

  • Match your sample volume to funnel capacity for maximum efficiency. Our filter funnels range in capacity from 50 mL to 1 liter and feature clearly marked calibrations for easy measurement.

Cleaning Requirements

  • Pall Life Sciences funnels are provided non-sterile and most are autoclavable.
  • Some microbiologists flame sanitize hardware when conducting microbial monitoring. For this application, the stainless steel or glass funnels are most suitable.
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Filter Funnel Selection Guide

Filter Size (mm) 25 25, 47 47 47 47
Product Number 4203, 4204 4240, 4221 4230 4011,4012, 4013 4238, 4241, 4242, 4247
Description Polysulfone Stainless Steel Parabola Stainless Steel2 Glass Polyphenyl-sulfone
Autoclavable?1 Yes3 Yes Yes Yes Yes3
HPLC/IC/Mobile Phase/Degassing        
Microbiology, Pharmaceutical
Microbiology, Environmental
Microbiology, Beverage
Microbiology, Industrial Process Water
Solvent Filtration    
Water Sampling (Ground/Water)  
Limited by filter type.
2 Do not use funnel for filtration of high purity fuels, as explosion may occur.
3 Repeated use of detergents containing polyoxyethylated alkyl phenols and alcohols, and/or anti-corrosion, anti-scaling boiler additives that may carry over in steam, may cause funnel material to crack, thereby reducing the life of the product. Do not autoclave rubber stoppers. Do not autoclave with aluminum foil; use autoclave paper.