Filter Holder Selection Guide

Filter holders are designed for a variety of laboratory applications including sterile filtration, stack sampling, product sampling, and clarification of fluids or gases. When selecting a filter holder, consider:

Materials of Construction

  • Pall Life Sciences filter holders are available in many materials. Aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, and Delrin* holders are provided non-sterile, but are autoclavable.
  • Stainless steel holders are resistant to aggressive solvents and harsh chemicals and are ideal for liquids or mobile phase, venting and gas filtration, and high temperature applications.
  • Aluminum is lightweight and ideal for air monitoring applications. 
  • Delrin and Celcon* (acetal copolymers) holders have broad chemical compatibility and material strength for non-aggressive in-line liquid and gas filtration, sterile applications like pharmaceuticals or cell culture, and particulate filtration. These holders are also lightweight for air monitoring applications.
  • The polypropylene construction of the SolVac® filter holder is resistant to most common HPLC mobile phase solvents such as methanol, acetonitrile, and tetrahydrofuran, and is less likely to break than glass.


  • Filter holders are typically either in-line or open-face in design.
  • In-line filter holders have a variety of inlet and outlet connections, and are used in closed filtration systems with either a pressure or vacuum source. In-line filters are ideal for measurement of feed water contamination. They are easy to open and close, and provide a positive, leak-proof seal. Upstream vents, available on some filter holders, allow for the release of trapped gas during liquid filtration.
  • Open-face holders are typically used to take industrial hygiene samples. These holders are easily attached to personal sampling pumps via tubing, with an open inlet surface for impaction of airborne contamination.
  • The SolVac filter holder has a versatile design that fits most HPLC bottles, flasks, and containers, and eliminates the added steps of washing flasks and transferring mobile phase solvents from flask to reservoir. The domed inlet provides uniform sample distribution on the filter.
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Sample Volume

  • With such a large selection of filter holders, from 13 to 293 mm, you can match filter size to your application for maximum filtration economy and efficiency.

Filter Holder Selection Guide

Filter Size (mm)


13, 25, 47


25, 37, 47 142, 293

Product Number



4042, 1209, 2220



1107, 1219, 1220
11872, 11873
Plastic Swinney Easy Pressure Syringe In-line Delrin* In-line Stainless Steel In-line Alumi-num In-line Polycar- bonate SolVac Holder Openface Stain-
less Steel
Autoclavable?1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Air Monitoring
Cell Harvesting        
HPLC/IC Sample Preparation    
Industrial Hygiene Monitoring      
Liquid Sterilization    
Nucleic Acid/
Protein Purification/
Solvent Filtration  
Gas Filtration
Water Sampling (Ground/ Surface)    

1Autoclavability may be limited by filter type or hose barb adapters. Please contact Pall Life Sciences technical service or consult product literature for the holder being used. Do not autoclave with aluminum foil; use autoclave paper.