High Throughput Filtration, Multiple Sample Processing

As samples get smaller and more numerous, the need for novel methods for high throughput sample preparation has led Pall to develop new filtration devices that simplify and expedite the sample preparation process. This table outlines general guidelines to the appropriate filter plate size for different volumes of fluid:

Volume to be Filtered Filter Type Typical Hold-up Volume
< 900 µL AcroPrep™ 96 1 mL Filter Plate < 18 µL/well
< 2 mL AcroPrep 24 Filter Plate < 50 µL/well


AcroPrep 96 Filter Plates
AcroPrep 96 filter plates are excellent for sample cleanup in analytical or molecular biology applications. These plates alleviate the most common problems of filter-bottom plates with special design features:  

  • Plates are constructed within ANSI/SBS X-2004 requirements. The robotic-friendly design has a rigid, single-piece construction that assures smooth, worry-free performance in robotic systems to eliminate plate jams in the detector.
  • Polypropylene filter plate assembly is chemically resistant and low biomolecule binding.
  • Serialized barcode label allows for the use of automated tracking systems and identifies the membrane type.
AcroPrep 24 Filtration System
The AcroPrep 24 filtration system accelerates sample preparation and reduces labor by simultaneously filtering up to 24 samples:
  • Eliminates need for individually-wrapped syringes.
  • System is economical and requires less bench space compared to the traditional syringe filter technique.
  • HPLC certified to ensure analytical results will not be compromised by extractable materials.
  • No cross- contamination because each well is individually sealed.
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