Laboratory Water Purification

Today's research and diagnostic laboratories require purified water that does not impact test results. As testing equipment becomes more sensitive and industry regulations become more stringent, life science and analytical labs must have complete confidence that their point-of-use water systems will provide optimum water quality, every time.

Pall’s Cascada Laboratory Water Purification System incorporates integrated process controls and an easy-to-use interface while attaining high purity water. The Cascada System enables laboratories to achieve ultrapure water and Type II or Type III lab water required for more challenging analyses.

Pall’s water purification system offers a range of benefits for laboratory customers:

  • Ease of use — A flexible dispenser control offers easy access to real time data on water conductivity and total organic carbon (TOC) and allows the user to select either a constant flow rate dispense or a fixed volume dispense.
  • Smart control — A large seven-inch touch screen offers a user-friendly, interactive display for quick status indication and at-a-glance read outs on consumable life. Display language is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. A convenient color-coding feature allows the user to easily match up water product type to application.
  • Maximum purification at each stage — A unique pre-treatment module with optional leakage sensor provides additional system monitoring for user confidence. Integrated control of inlet pressure and flow rate coupled with cartridge flexibility options result in a customizable solution for water type that improves life expectancy and greatly reduces operating costs.
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