Membranes for Accurate Analysis

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Improve Your Process and Ensure Reliable Results with Pall

Improve Your Process and Ensure Reliable Results with Pall Membranes for Accurate AnalysisPall is the recognized expert in membrane development, dedicating substantial resources to Research and Development, and partnering with leaders in the scientific community. Through decades of commitment, we have pioneered the use of membrane technology into hundreds of diverse applications.  

Results You Can Depend On

When it comes to laboratory analysis, your time, money and effort are considerable assets. That’s why Pall optimizes its membranes by application – helping you ensure accurate, reliable results across processes. Our membranes offer exceptionally high recoveries, typically greater than 90%. As an added assurance, all of our quality control membrane filters come with Pall’s Certificate of Performance – guaranteeing product excellence.

Media Options for Laboratory Applications

  • Mixed cellulose esters membrane
  • Polyethersulfone membrane 
  • Glass fiber media, offering high flow rates, wet strength and solid holding capacities
  • Disc filters available in black, white, gridded, and non-gridded designs

How to Select Membranes for Analysis

Characteristics Application
White Ideal contrast for colored colonies
Black Ideal contrast for light colonies
Gridded Provides guidance for counting colonies
Non-gridded No interference with automated colony counters
0.45 µm Standard pore size for MF Technique
0.2 µm Ideal for recovery of stunted organisms
0.8 µm Typically used for yeast and mold detection
Sterile Individually packed and ready to use
Non-sterile Direct placement in holder for sterilization

Product Selection Guide

Applications and Test Methods

Test Method Method Number* Recommended Filter Media Broth
Total Coliforms 9222 GN-6 Metricel, MicroFunnel MF-Endo
Fecal Coliforms, E. coli 9222 GN-6 Metricel, MicroFunnel M-FC
Total Bacteria 9215; USP 61; 71 GN-6 Metricel, MicroFunnel, Supor 200 S-Pack M-TGE; TSB-USP; HPC
Lactobacillus sp. detection GN-6 Metricel, MicroFunnel Orange Serum
Yeast and Mold 9610 GN-6 Metricel, Metricel Black Membrane M-Green YM
Fecal Streptococcus 9230 GN-6 Metricel, MicroFunnel KF-Streptococcal
Pseudomonas sp. 9213 MicroFunnel, Supor 200 S-Pack Pseudomonas
Total Suspended Solids 2540 A/E Glass Fiber
Cryptosporidium or Giardia 1622, 1623 Envirochek® Capsule, Envirochek HV Capsule
*Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, current edition and U.S. Pharmacopoeia current edition.

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