Microbiological QC Products - Accessories

Absorbent Pad Kits
Absorbent Pad KitsIdeal for absorbing broth media to culture colonies in accordance with the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.

Ampoule Media for Microbiological Analysis
Ampoule Media for Microbiological AnalysisWide variety of sterile ampoule media pre-measured for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Sentino® Filter Dispenser
Sentino™ Filter DispenserSimple design offers easy loading with no jamming.

Sentino® Microbiology Pump
Sentino™ Microbiology PumpCompact, portable pump for analyzing aqueous-based fluids for microbial contamination. Works with MicroFunnel™ filter funnels.

Stainless Steel Forceps
Stainless Steel ForcepsIdeal for handling and moving membrane to and from filter holders and Petri dishes.

Sterile Petri Dishes 
Sterile Petri DishesIdeal for microbiological analysis when performing the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps
Vacuum / Pressure PumpsOil-free, dust-free delivery helps maintain a clean laboratory environment in which to produce reliable, reproducible data.

Vacushield™ Vent Device
Vacushield Vent DeviceUse between a pump and receiving vessel to protect valves and pump components from damage by aqueous solutions.


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