Microbiological QC Products - Membranes

GN-6 Metricel® MCE Membrane Disc Filters
GN-6 Metricel MCE Membrane Disc FiltersMixed cellulose esters is the most accepted filter media for microbiological analysis, and provides maximum recovery of organisms.

Metricel® Black PES Membrane Disc Filters
Metricel Black PES Membrane Disc FiltersContrasting membrane for microbiological and particulate analysis. 

Sentino® Filter Dispenser
Sentino™ Filter DispenserRefill pack for Sentino Filter Dispenser available in GN-6 Metricel Black or Supor membrane disc filters.

Supor® 200 PES Membrane Disc Filter
Supor 200 PES Membrane Disc FilterIdeal choice for microbiology labs for isolation and enumeration of stressed organisms exposed to harsh conditions.

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