Microbiological QC Testing and Monitoring Products

37 mm Quality Monitors
37 mm Quality MonitorsCompact and disposable filtration units for analysis of process fluids. Convenient, ready-to-use, and portable for easy transport to sample site. Disposable design eliminates the cleaning and sterilization required of reusable filter funnels.

GeneDisc® Plate for Specified Microorganisms
Pall GeneDisc TechnologyRapid testing of pharmaceuticals and personal care products, for key compendial indicator organisms. Many of the key microbiological tests routinely used for non-sterile product testing can take days to produce data. Delayed availability of microbiological data presents a significant, avoidable risk to processes and products. The GeneDisc Rapid Microbiology System is designed to accelerate routine microbiological testing, offering an easy-to-use product that requires minimal training to adopt and place into routine use.


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