MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

Widest selection of easy to use, disposable filter funnels for microbiological analysis.
New options now allow sampling of hot water up to 90 °C!
  • Easy squeeze separation - A simple squeeze separates funnel from base to reduce operator fatigue and prevent membrane disruption.
  • Ready to use - Disposable devices are sterilized and individually bagged. Eliminates chance of sample cross-contamination.
  • Easy access and removal of membrane - No disruption of membrane or sample.
  • Reduce contamination risk - Units combine funnel and petri dish. No need to transfer sample.
  • Accurate sample measurement - Volume graduations are marked clearly for easy reading.
  • Compatibility - Inert polypropylene construction offers compatibility without extractables.
  • Adaptability - Units fit on most filter manifolds, eliminating need for adapters or rubber stoppers.
  • Gamma irradiated - No residual effect from EtO sterilization that can inhibit growth.
  • Certified results - Each lot includes quality certification. Units are labeled for lot traceability.

Products and Applications

MicroFunnel products are available in 100 mL and 300 mL sizes with a variety of membrane options. Use for:
  • Testing process water (hot or ambient) for bioburden or process control. Easy-to-use design is especially beneficial to laboratories processing multiple samples per day.
  • Sterility testing in isolators of parenterals manufactured by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies (MicroFunnel ST filter).
  • Finished product testing of non-sterile final products manufactured by pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and cosmetic and toiletry companies.

For product specifications and ordering information, select one of the options below. Or for more assistance in selecting the best MicroFunnel product for your application, see our Selection Guide.

MicroFunnel Product Applications
MicroFunnel Plus and MicroFunnel Plus AP Filter Funnels Feature a vented, capped lid that snaps to a liquid-tight seal and eliminates the need for a separate sample collection cup. The lid's flexible pull-tab makes it easy to remove the lid from the sample container. Products with Supor® membrane can be used to collect hot water directly from process WFI (water for injections) systems.
MicroFunnel ST Filter Funnels Convenient and economical alternative to costly closed-system sterility testing when using an isolator or containment suite. Units are double bagged to facilitate use within isolators. Complete validation guide for sterility testing is available for added assurance of product performance.
MicroFunnel Filter Funnels Test any aqueous solution for microbial contamination using the principles of the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique. Ideal for quality control analysis of aqueous fluids used in pharmaceutical production.
MicroFunnel Filter Funnels with Polycarbonate Membrane Ideal for concentrating organisms in fluid samples.


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