Microporous Membranes

FP Vericel™ (PVDF) Membrane Disc Filters
FP Vericel™ (PVDF) Membrane Disc FiltersCompatible with aggressive and non-aggressive solvent-based solutions.

GH Polypro (GHP) Membrane Disc Filters
GH Polypro (GHP) Membrane Disc FiltersAll purpose, universal membrane with maximum chemical compatibility for both aqueous solutions and aggressive solvents.

HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration Membranes
HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration MembranesMembranes designed specifically for the stringent requirements of mobile phase filtration.

HT Tuffryn® Polysulfone Membrane Disc Filters
HT Tuffryn® Polysulfone Membrane Disc FiltersProven performance in critical applications.

Nylaflo™ Membrane Disc Filters
Nylaflo™ Membrane Disc FiltersA highly versatile laboratory membrane filter.

PTFE Membrane Disc Filters
PTFE Membrane Disc FiltersStrong, chemically resistant membranes for air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environments.

Polypropylene/Polyethylene Separator Depth Filters
Polypropylene/Polyethylene Separator Depth FiltersVirtually inert to chemical and biological agents.

Supor® PES Membrane Disc Filters
Supor® PES Membrane Disc FiltersHigh flow rate membrane optimized for biological, pharmaceutical, and sterilizing filtration requirements.

Supor® 200 PES Membrane Disc Filter
Supor® 200 PES Membrane Disc FilterHighly retentive, certified membrane for isolation and enumeration of organisms.

Versapor® Acrylic Copolymer Membrane Disc Filters
Versapor® Acrylic Copolymer Membrane Disc FiltersIdeal for prefiltration of difficult-to-filter solutions and serum.

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