Other Great Filtration Products From Pall Life Sciences

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Our commitment to customer service and technical support is firmly rooted in the philosophy that it is our obligation to help you select the right filtration products for your applications.

Centrifugal Devices

Pall Ultra Filtration Centrifugal Devices Simplify Nucleic Acid and Protein Handling Procedures
Simplify your nucleic acid and protein handling procedures with Pall’s ultra filtration centrifugal devices – for use in separation and small-scale general filtration procedures. These devices can be combined with chromatography resins to create a fast, efficient method for purifying proteins of interest. Choose from a variety of devices designed to handle sample volumes of 0.5 mL to 60 mL.   

Filter Plates

AcroPrep and AcroWell Filter Plates
As samples get smaller and more numerous, the need for novel methods to purify proteins and improve assays has led Pall to develop a broad line of multiwell filter plates – targeted specifically to address a range of application challenges. AcroPrep™ and AcroWell™ filter plates feature individually sealed membranes that eliminate crosstalk and solution weeping. Our proprietary sealing technology allows us to seal virtually any type of membrane or media configuration into a device platform to meet ever-changing industry needs.

Pleated Capsule Filters

Economical, Disposable Pleated Capsule Filters
This convenient family of economical, disposable capsules features a variety of Pall membranes, offering easy microfiltration for laboratories and small-volume processors. Pall Life Sciences’ pleated capsules combine the efficiency of a membrane disc filter with the large filtration capacity of a pleated surface. Because all capsule membranes are sealed in the housing, minimum setup time is required. Capsules can be used inlet up, inlet down, or horizontally.

Syringe Filters

Acrodisc Syringe FiltersPall’s Acrodisc® syringe filters offer sterile or non-sterile filtration and are designed for use in a variety of laboratory applications. Non-sterile syringe filtration is typically employed in the protection of columns and instrumentation against particulate build-up, but can be used in virtually all aqueous sample filtration processes. Available in a wide range of pore sizes and membrane types.

Syringe filters are sterilized by gamma irradiation to eliminate potential contamination by EtO residuals. Use 0.1 and 0.2 μm pore sizes to provide sterilization of small volumes of buffers, culture media, and additives.

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