Pall is Your Total Solutions Provider

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At Pall we are involved in every stage of the development, production or processing of fluids in a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, municipal water, and microelectronics. Pall is the world leader in systems for fluid purification in these industries. Our rapid technologies detect the presence/absence of microbial bioburden in minutes – and identify target bacteria by genetic analysis within hours.

Our monitoring systems are characterized by their convenience, ease-of-use and full documentation/validation packages. And because we want to be your filtration partner of choice, Pall also offers extensive operator training support, plus global technical assistance and service.

New Products for Fast Process Monitoring

GeneDisc® TechnologySystem – Results Within Three Hours!

GeneDisc Technology System - Get Accurate Results in Hours!
Get accurate results in hours – not days. For rapid testing and real-time risk management, the GeneDisc Technology system enables quantification of multiple organisms within three hours. Rapid, reliable results enable you to make quick and effective decisions when dealing with harmful microbial contamination challenges. 

Special Features

  • Fast results – receive rapid, real-time quantified results.
  • Easy to use – all inclusive product from sample to result.
  • Real-time accuracy – closed, immediate PCR technology minimizes operator intervention.
  • User friendly – simple software provides direct display of results for fast decision making and seamless data transfer.

Rapid Microbiology Reference Center

For more information and technical specifications on Pall’s rapid response microbial testing systems, see

To speak with a filtration expert regarding how these products can work in your application, call 1.516.484.5400, or 800.717-7255 in the U.S. or send an email to

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