FluoroTrans® PVDF Transfer Membranes

Sensitive Protein Detection with Low Background and Very Low Burnthrough

  • Naturally hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride is ideal for a wide variety of protein-analysis applications. The family of FluoroTrans media are white, microporous solid phase supports that bind proteins tenaciously via hydrophobic interactions.
  • High sensitivity for small peptides.
  • High protein binding capacity. Typically absorbs 50% more protein than nylon or nitrocellulose.
  • FluoroTrans PVDF membrane is optimized for N-terminal protein sequencing. The medium demonstrates good signal-to-noise ratios with standard detection systems, and immobilized proteins can be used directly for sequencing, or visually detected with common staining reagents including Amido Black, Ponceau S, and colloidal gold. 
  • FluoroTrans W membrane is optimized for Western transfer applications. This membrane allows for sensitive protein detection with low background and very low protein burnthrough. Immobilized proteins can be visually detected with Coomassie blue, Amido Black, Ponceau S, and colloidal gold.