Proteomics Products

Pall has thousands of media chemistries from which to select, and we are constantly modifying and developing new chemistries to meet your specific application challenges. Combined with superior housing materials in a multitude of configurations and industry-leading research, development, and manufacturing resources, Pall is uniquely positioned to deliver products exactly to your specifications.
  • Centrifugal Devices: These devices provide efficient concentration and salt removal of samples from 50 µL to 60 mL.
  • Chromatography: Affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and hydroxyapatite chromatography products.
  • Filter Plates: Multi-well membrane-bottom filter plates for sample purification and assays.
  • Hardware: High quality hardware for a variety of proteomic and lab applications.
  • Prefiltration: Prefiltration and clarification products for proteomics sample prep.
  • Tangential Flow Filtration: Tangential flow filtration products for separations such as cell harvesting and protein isolation.
  • Transfer/Detection: Nucleic acid and protein detection products.

Optimized Proteomics Products

Pall’s extensive knowledge and long history of developing uniform membrane materials (lot-to-lot) ensure consistent, reproducible results. Pall is one of the few companies to control device manufacturing through all stages, from media production to housing material selection to final device assembly. This gives us a distinct quality advantage, allowing us to maximize processing accuracy, speed, safety and reliability.

  Proteomics Overview

Proteomics Applications and Protocols

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Our membranes now set the standards for sample preparation and detection applications in laboratories around the world. Whether your methods require a long incubation time or exposure to caustic solvents, we have a media to meet your needs.


Scaleable Proteomics Product Platform

Whether you are processing a single sample or detecting thousands of samples, Pall offers a variety of device configurations to support your techniques. When scale-up is a factor, Pall offers product platforms that incorporate the same membranes and materials of construction to allow precise scale-up of processing volumes from lab to process scale.

Automation Compatibility

Pall’s high-throughput products are configured to fit standard lab robotic equipment. Pall’s AcroPrep™ filter plates are designed in accordance with the standards of ANSI/SBS X-2004, assuring smooth operation. We have partnered with industry leaders and our customers to adapt unique systems that work with our standard products.