Proven Performance for Confident Results

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Whether You Are Processing Single Samples or Thousands of
Samples At A Time, You Can Count on Our Unfailing Quality

Sample Preparation for Analytical Chemists with the Acrodisc Syringe FilterOver thirty years ago, Pall Life Sciences revolutionized sample preparation for analytical chemists with the development of the Acrodisc® syringe filter. Today, we partner with scientists around the world to develop distinctive filtration and separation products for a wide range of processing volumes.

We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our product offering to meet your needs and ease your application challenges. Our product innovations are the result of understanding your applications and valuing the amazing contributions your work can make to the quality of all our lives.

Whether you are pursuing goals in life science, pharmaceutical methods, research and development, quality control, or specialty environmental applications, we commit to not only deliver a product that works, but to look beyond what simply works and deliver a product that truly makes a difference. 

Focused On Producing Products that Give You Better
Results for High Throughput Sample Preparation

Products for High Throughput Sample PreparationPall Life Sciences is one of the few companies to offer a variety of products made from the same materials of construction, allowing for single- or multiple-sample processing of your techniques. We bring together membranes with superior performance, outstanding housing materials, and devices designed to maximize processing accuracy and speed.

Select the device configuration most appropriate for your application, then select one of our patented membranes with the characteristics you need most... and see what a difference Pall Life Sciences can make.

Multi-sample processing

AcroPrep™ Advance and AcroPrep Filter Plates
  • Perfect for smaller sample sizes in combinatorial chemistry cleavage applications
  • Makes concentration and final filtration for SPE faster
  • Great for numerous samples with HPLC sample preparation/clarification
  • Perform quick and accurate metabolic studies
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AcroPrep 24 Filtration System
  • Designed to work specifically with Waters Alliance HPLC system
  • Improves productivity in methods development
  • Consistent, reproducible results for quality control
  • Speeds up sample clarification
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Single-Sample Processing

Acrodisc PSF Syringe Filters (Automated Applications)
  • Acrodisc PSF syringe filters are the only syringe filters to receive SOTAX and Zymark Automation Certified guarantees
  • Smooth operation and worry-free performance 24 hours a day
  • For unattended processing of large numbers of samples with robotic workstations
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Traditional Acrodisc Syringe Filters (Manual Applications)
  • Broad line of syringe filters for all yourHPLC/UHPLC needs
  • Wide range of device sizes for minimal sample hold-up and easy dispensing into autosampler vials
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GHP Nanosep® MF Centrifugal Devices
  • For applications requiring maximum filtrate recovery from limited sample volumes
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