Sample Preparation in Genomics

Pall manufactures membranes for the purification and concentration of biomolecules that exhibit extremely high yields with low biomolecule binding. We incorporate these membranes into devices that use fast, gentle methods and minimize handling to protect your valuable samples. Our attention to product quality and performance is expressed in reproducible results and pure samples for downstream processing.

For concentration and purification steps requiring ultrafiltration, we offer Omega™ modified polyethersulfone membrane. This membrane is well documented for low non-specific protein and DNA binding, high recoveries, and superior chemical and physical properties.

For applications such as lysate cleaning, drug binding studies and bead-based assays, choose Bio-Inert® modified Nylon 6,6, GHP hydrophilic polypropylene, or Supor® modified polyethersulfone membrane, all of which are formulated for low binding and low extractables.

Pall has developed unique membrane technology, in the form of Mustang™ anionic and cationic membrane adsorbers, which allows purification of nucleic acids and proteins using ion exchange chromatography. The Mustang product line is already established as the technology of choice for nucleic acid removal from process streams, such as part of DNA clearance from therapeutic products like vaccines. The utility of Mustang membrane adsorber modules has also been demonstrated for purification of plasmid DNA, for use as a gene therapy product.


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For single sample or low throughput applications, Pall's centrifugal devices provide simple, fast concentration of samples from 50 μL to 60 mL, with recoveries typically greater than 90%. For high throughput applications, choose Pall filter plates. Each of our filter plate platforms targets specific application challenges.  

Sample Prep Products for DNA Sequencing

Remove Cell Debris to Enrich for Plasmid DNA

Sequencing Clean-up to Remove Unincorporated Label

Use hydrophilic microfiltration (e.g., Supor® or GHP membrane) filter plates or spin devices with resins to capture purified sequencing product. 

PCR Clean-up to Remove Debris

Use ultrafiltration size exclusion plates or spin devices to directly remove debris leaving purified product in the filter well/tube. Use hydrophilic microfiltration (e.g., Supor or GHP membrane) filter plates or spin devices with resins to capture purified PCR product.
  • AcroPrep Filter Plates for PCR Clean-up
  • Nanosep Centrifugal Devices for PCR Clean-up