Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Reduce filtration time, increase throughput, reduce the need for multiple filter changes, and save in overall filtration costs. Pall manufactures membranes that are used to sterilize liquid reagents, remove particulate contamination, and clarify solutions prior to further processing. These products are optimized for biological, pharmaceutical, and sterilizing filtration requirements, and exhibit superior performance compared to competitive filter devices. Many of these products are scalable. 

In The Spotlight

  • Acrodisc® Syringe Filters Optimized
    for Scale Up

    Simplifies scale-up and minimizes revalidation; no need to change membrane materials during transition to pilot or production. Read more...
  Sterile Filtration Products

Sterile Filtration Applications

Sterile Filtration Product Selection Guides

Webcast: Watch the VacuCap Vacuum Filtration Devices in action.

Pall Preferred Online Lab Community
  • Webcast: VacuCap® Devices for Sterile
    Vacuum Filtration

    VacuCap Devices are excellent for cell culture media preparation. See video...
  • Filter Scalability

    Pall’s UpScaleSM program helps shorten development time by providing products with the same media and consistent materials of construction for all phases of development. Read more...

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