Sterile Filtration Applications

Pall offers the widest selection of products to meet your specific sterile filtration needs. Our filtration membranes are available in laboratory device configurations that process volumes from < 5 mL to hundreds of liters. Choose one of our scalable membranes for easier batch processing at the pilot level. When selecting the appropriate device for your application, consider the following: 

  • Consider Filtration Volume

    Selecting the most appropriate Effective Filtration Area (EFA) will maximize throughput and minimize filter changes. The greater the volume being filtered, the larger the filter diameter you should choose. However, because hold-up volume (fluid retained in the filter) increases with filter diameter, smaller-volume devices should be used for small volume or expensive samples. 

    • Small-volume Samples: For small sample volumes, sterile syringe filters are available. Learn more...
    • Mid-volume Samples: For filtration up to a few liters, a range of medium-size filters are available. Learn more...
    • Large-volume Samples: Larger volumes (> 5 liters) may require a capsule filter with pleated membrane. A capsule filter incorporates a larger surface by using a pleated membrane design. Learn more...

  • Consider Fluid Characteristics

    When selecting a filtration membrane, consider the fluid characteristics of your sample and the degree of filtration required. Our membranes are developed to meet a wide range of filtration challenges with special features, including:

    • (Liquid Viscosity) Prefiltration: The more particulate-laden and/or the higher the protein concentration in a solution, the more difficult it is to filter. The most efficient way to filter these solutions is to choose a filter with a built-in prefilter or a filter with more EFA. Learn more...
    • Low Protein Binding: To minimize protein loss during filtration of proteinaceous solutions, choose our Supor® membrane that exhibits low non-specific protein binding. Learn more...
    • DMSO Compatibility: The DMSO-safe Acrodisc syringe filter can be used to filter sterilize solutions containing DMSO to eliminate surprise contamination when thawing cells. Learn more...
    • Mycoplasma Retention: Devices with 0.1 μm pore size have been validated for the reduction of mycoplasma. Learn more...
  Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Sterile Filtration Products

Sterile Filtration Applications
Sterile Filtration: Small-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Mid-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Large-volume Samples
Liquid Viscosity (Prefiltration)
Protein Concentration (Low Protein Binding)
Sterile Filtration: DMSO Compatibility
Sterile Filtration: Mycoplasma Retention

Sterile Filtration Product Selection Guides

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