Sterile Filtration Product Selection Guides

  • AcroPak™ Products Selection Guide

    AcroPak products range in size from 20 cm2 to 1500 cm2 effective filtration area (EFA). Two membranes choices are available in configurations that scale up to products for pilot and full-scale production. Read more...
  • Membrane Selection Guide

    Pall offers a range of membrane discs and devices to meet your specific filtration needs. Our liquid filtration membranes are available in configurations that process from > 5 mL to 100 liters. Read more...
  • Filter Funnel Selection Guide 

    Filter funnels are used to measure and concentrate particulate in a fluid sample onto a membrane filter or to purify the filtrate. Read More...
  • Filter Holder Selection Guide

    Filter holders are designed for a variety of laboratory applications including sterile filtration, stack sampling, product sampling, and clarification of fluids or gases. Read more...   
  Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Sterile Filtration Products

Sterile Filtration Applications

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