Sterile Large-volume Filtration Samples

AcroPak Sterile Filtration CapsulesLarger volumes (> 5 liters) may require a capsule filter with pleated membrane. A capsule filter incorporates a larger surface by using a pleated membrane design. This larger membrane surface area allows for both faster filtration and higher volumes to be filtered. Capsule filters are ideal for positive pressure filtration and can operate at higher pressures. The volume recommendations presented below are intended as a general guide to selecting the most appropriate device. 

Throughput* Device EFA Hold-up
10 - 100 L AcroPak 500 Capsule 500 cm2 < 30 mL
10 - 100 L AcroPak 1000 Capsule 1000 cm2 < 45 mL
10 - 1500 L AcroPak 1500 Capsule 1500 cm2 n/a

* Total throughput (capacity) of a filter depends on the characteristics of the fluid being filtered, such as the extent of microbial contamination, viscosity, and particulate load.
  Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Sterile Filtration Products

Sterile Filtration Applications
Sterile Filtration: Small-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Mid-volume Samples
Sterile Filtration: Large-volume Samples
Liquid Viscosity (Prefiltration)
Protein Concentration (Low Protein Binding)
Sterile Filtration: DMSO Compatibility
Sterile Filtration: Mycoplasma Retention

Sterile Filtration Product Selection Guides

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