Syringe Filter Selection Guide - Part 3 of 4

Consider the following when choosing the best filter for your analytical application:

Part 3: Most Appropriate EFA

The particulate contained within a fluid affects the life of a filter. As particles are removed from the fluid, they block pores and reduce the useable portion of the filter. Particulate-laden fluids generally plug a filter more quickly than "clean" fluids. Increasing the Effective Filtration Area (EFA) can lengthen the life of a filter.

Filters come in a variety of sizes ranging from the area within a single well of a 96-well plate, to spin filters and syringe tip filters. Acrodisc syringe filters are available in 25 mm Acrodisc PSF syringe filters as well as in 13 and 4 mm diameters for smaller sample volumes. All are available in a variety of membrane and pore size choices.

Hold-up Volume

Another aspect of choosing the right filter size is the hold-up volume. This is the volume of liquid remaining in the filter after use. A filter with a low hold-up volume is recommended for use with expensive fluids or those with limited availability.

What device size will assure complete sample filtration with minimal hold-up volumes? Pall offers a broad range of device sizes. The minispike outlet, available on the 13 mm device, allows for minimal sample hold up and easy dispensing into autosampler vials. Additional options include the 4 mm Acrodisc syringe filter, the Nanosep® MF centrifugal device, or AcroPrep™ filter plates.

Syringe Filter and Spin Device Selection

The table below outlines general guidelines to the appropriate filter size for different volumes of fluid.
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Volume to be Filtered Filter Type Typical Hold-up Volume
< 500 µL Nanosep MF Device < 2 µL
< 900 µL AcroPrep 96 1 mL Filter Plate < 18 µL/well
< 2 mL 4 mm Acrodisc Syringe Filter < 10 µL
< 2 mL AcroPrep 24 Filter Plate < 50 µL/well
< 10 mL 13 mm Acrodisc Syringe Filter
(Minispike Outlet)
< 14 µL
< 10 mL 13 mm Acrodisc Syringe Filter < 30 µL
< 125 mL 25 mm Acrodisc PSF Syringe Filter < 200 µL

Consider Prefiltration

For difficult-to-filter samples, it is best to use a syringe filter with a glass fiber prefilter over the membrane. The Acrodisc PSF syringe filter with GxF multi-layered glass fiber prefilter is the best option for extremely particulate-laden samples. Our traditional Acrodisc syringe filters with GHP and Nylon membranes are also available with a single-layer glass fiber prefilter.

The Acrodisc PSF syringe filter has a serial glass fiber (GxF) prefilter to allow for maximum throughput and faster flow rates than standard glass fiber prefilter devices. The multi-layered prefilter, rated from > 40 to 1 µm, traps particulate, thereby extending filter life.

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