Tangential Flow Filtration Applications

Streamline Laboratory-scale Concentration, Desalting, and Buffer Exchange Processes

Minimate Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Increase productivity using the Minimate™ TFF Systems and Capsules for processing of up to 1 liter. 

TFF operations allow a uniform and gentle recirculation of sample flow over the surface of a membrane, effectively controlling membrane fouling. Use of the entire membrane surface results in improved flux rates, significantly reducing processing time and increasing productivity.

  • Plug-n-play - Plug in a Minimate TFF capsule, add sample and turn on the pump to start processing. The Minimate TFF system is simple to use and includes all the hardware, tubing and fittings needed.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance - System components are designed for easy assembly and disassembly; no tools required. Tubing and fitting replacement is simple and quick.  
  • High concentration factors - The low system working volume achieved through the use of a conical bottom reservoir and compact design enables high concentration factors to be achieved.

Minimate Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules

  • Cost-effective design for non-critical applications – the plastic construction of the Minimate TFF capsule and chemical compatibility of the OmegaTM PES ultrafiltration membrane facilitate cleaning and reuse. 
  • Scaleable – Several Minimate TFF capsules may be connected in parallel for increased membrane area. Minimate TFF capsules have the same path length and materials of construction as larger Pall Centramate™ and Centrasette™ cassette systems used in pilot and production plants.

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  • Efficient – Concentration and diafiltration (desalting or buffer exchange) processes can be performed on the same system with minimal user intervention, saving time and avoiding product loss associated with transfer steps.Use of the Minimate TFF Capsule Significantly Reduces Processing Times Compared to Stirred Cell Devices

Use of the Minimate TFF Capsule Significantly Reduces Processing Times Compared to Stirred Cell Devices

Use of the Minimate TFF Capsule Significantly Reduces Processing Times Compared to Stirred Cell DevicesA 2 mg/mL BSA solution was concentrated tenfold (1000 to 100 mL) in either a 350 mL stirred cell device or Minimate capsule. The Minimate capsule contains a preassembled Omega 10K membrane. The cross flow, set at 50 mL/min with retentate loop backpressure, applied to create an initial filtrate flow of about 15 mL/min. The stirred cell devices used polyethersulfone (PES) or regenerated cellulose (RC) discs and were pressurized with filtered air at 55 psi giving a starting filtrate flow of about 6 mL/min. Error bars indicate standard error for five independent runs.

LV Centramate™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Holder is Designed for Maximum Product Recovery for Lab-scale or Scale-up Process
Volumes up to 4 L

  • Scale-up/scale-down device for development of tangential flow filtration (TFF) processes, biopharmaceutical small batch production, scale-down investigations, and production of materials for safety and efficacy studies (Phase I clinicals).
  • Low hold-up volume allows high concentration factors to be achieved from small starting volumes. A complete TFF system scaleable to full production plant can be optimized using the volumes typically generated in the development or discovery lab
  • Identical path lengths provide linear scale up to Pall Centramate and Centrasette‘ cassette holders. The LV Centramate holder may be attached to a variety of pumps to improve their scalability characteristics.
  • Easy connections through luer lock fitted ports with polished 316L stainless steel to ensure the same compatibility characteristics as production-scale Centrasette holders.

Centramate & Centramate PE Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Hardware are Ideal for Process Development and Small-scale Production of 1 to 125 L

  • Filtration area is easily expanded to 5 ft2 by adding additional membrane cassettes [0.09 m2 (1 ft2) each]. A maximum of 5 cassettes can be used in the Centramate Holder and 4 in the Centramate PE Holder.
  • Identical fluid path lengths provide precise linear scale up to larger process systems available through Pall Life Sciences BioPharm group.
  • Cassettes can be easily removed without disassembling system plumbing.
  • Holders are available with Type 316 L stainless steel (Centramate system) or economically priced, extremely durable, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (Centramate PE system).

Ultrasette™ Lab Tangential Flow Filtration Devices are Self-contained for Optimal Pprocessing of 200 mL to 5 L

  • Fast sample processing with large membrane area.
  • Choice of two flow channel separators for maximum control of filtration performance.
  • Ideal for processing biohazardous samples. Self-contained devices minimize opportunities for contamination or membrane damage.
  • Reusable or disposable. Can be cleaned for reuse.