TEST #12 The Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Vent Filters

Vent Filters Protect Your Lab Environment

Vent Filters For the safety of lab technicians and sensitive equipment, always use a vent filter. These devices act as barriers on air lines. They contain hydrophobic media, which prevent the entry of water and aerosols into sensitive equipment and also protect the lab environment from aerosolized pathogens. Vent filters can also enable air to enter and exit vessels such as bioreactors, while maintaining the sterility of the interior environment.

Use vent filters from Pall Life Sciences for venting receiving vessels, isolation or environmental chambers, bioreactors, fermentation tanks, carboys, and other small containers. Use in-line for low-pressure sterile air/gas delivery to instruments and culture vessels, bioisolation of a vacuum source, flushing instruments, and cleaning parts.  
  • Self-contained, compact filter devices provide high efficiency removal of airborne bacteria and particulate under dry or moist conditions.
  • Hydrophobic membranes prevent passage of aerosols, protecting equipment and staff. Hydrophobic membrane choices include:
    • PTFE – Offers the a high level of hydrophobicity and assures the best system performance when used as a sterile barrier in venting or particulate control. PTFE will not absorb moisture that can cause premature reduction of air flow.
    • PVDF – Can be gamma irradiated.
    • Glass Laminate – The most economical choice also provides the highest air flow rates.

  • Air flow is a critical performance parameter. Effective Filtration Areas (EFAs) range from 7.5 to 300 cm2, allowing users to select the appropriate vent size for their application.
  • Rugged polypropylene housings have broad chemical compatibility. 
  • AcroPak 300 capsule is 100% integrity tested to provide the high level of confidence you require.
  • Acro 50 vent devices with Emflon® II membrane are stable up to 5 mRads gamma irradiation.

The most important considerations when selecting a gas or vent filter are air flow rate and particulate/microorganism retention.  Vent Filter Selection Guide