Vent Filters for Industrial and Equipment Applications

Acro® 37 TF Vent Device
Acro® 37 TF Vent DeviceFor sterile air/gas delivery to instruments and culture vessels.

Acro 50 Vent Devices with Emflon® II Membrane
Acro® 50 Vent Devices with Emflon® II MembraneUse for venting of bioreactors, fermentation tanks, and carboys.

Acro 50 Vent Devices with PTFE Membrane
Acro 50 Vent Devices with PTFE MembraneReusable 50 mm filters with superior performance for critical applications.

AcroPak™ 300 Capsule with PTFE Membrane
AcroPak 300 Capsule with PTFE MembraneRecommended for bioreactor venting requiring high air flow rates. 

AcroVent® Device
AcroVent DeviceUse for routine, non-critical venting applications.


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Bacterial Air Vents
Bacterial Air VentsUse as a vent device for receiving vessels and small isolation or environmental chambers.

HEPA Capsule
HEPA CapsulePorous membrane delivers high air flow rates at low differential pressure and extends filter life.

Integrity Test Kit
Integrity Test KitSimplifies integrity checking of small filter devices.

Vacushield™ Vent Device
Vacushield Vent DeviceProtects laboratory personnel from potential biohazards, airborne contaminants, and aerosolized oil.