Water and Wastewater Testing

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Improve Overall Efficiency with Convenient Lab Essentials

Improve Water and Wastewater Testing Efficiency
Envirochek® Capsules
For Reliable Monitoring of Water Quality

Pall’s Envirochek and Envirochek HV sampling capsules are designed for the concentration and recovery of  Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts from source water, municipal water supplies, samples in containers, or wells. Found in 70% of the world’s surface water, these pathogens have become the number one detection priority of governments worldwide.  

Approximate Time to Process Eight Samples (Minutes)

Step Envirochek Capsule Other Major Device
Set-up 5 50
Elution 55 240
Concentration 65 240
Cleaning Equipment 0 320
Total Time 125 850
Time/Test (minutes) 16 106

Validated, Approved Water Sampling Technology

Pall’s Envirochek and Envirochek HV sampling capsules are validated and listed in U.S. EPA Methods 1622 and 1623, and used for sampling source water for Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Envirochek HV capsules are designed for sampling up to 1,000 liters or more of treated water and validated for up to 50 liters of source water. Envirochek HV capsules (PNs 12096 and 12097) are approved for the United Kingdom DWI regulatory testing of finished water and listed in ISO/DIS 15553-2006. 

Delivers Time-saving Results

Envirochek’s innovative laboratory shaker helps you save time by allowing up to eight Envirochek sampling capsules to be processed at once. Featuring a consistent shaking speed with a digital read-out, the Envirochek system ensures reliable test results.

Special Features

Simple To Use

No assembly or cleaning of filter holder and elution equipment.

Saves Time

Allows for the processing of multiple samples at the same time.


Designed to eliminate false positives from cross contamination.


Ensures greater that 70% recovery of target organisms.

No False Negatives

The 1 μm absolute rated membrane provides confidence in capture of Cryptosporidium and Giardia organisms.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use Envirochek Sampling CapsuleSafer To Use

Self-contained capsules eliminate the need to handle the filter element, preventing contamination of personnel and laboratory. 

Easy To Use and Cost Effective

The Envirochek sampling capsule is easily used in the field for concentrating samples and eliminating the need to transport bulk water containers. Envirochek's light weight capsule helps reduce costs by allowing for inexpensive shipping to your testing lab of choice.


Envirochek for Source and Finished Water Testing and Bottled Water Production

  • Source water testing
  • Finished water testing 
  • Bottled water production

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