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The Allegro single-use platform provides a comprehensive range of disposable process solutions from upstream, through downstream to formulation and filling. We have developed a unique approach, keeping the same materials of construction to allow easy scale-up from lab scale to full cGMP commercial operation, with the capability to provide the same robustness, reliability and batch records that you require to produce your drugs. We can serve our customers globally with strong technical support and a very robust and reliable supply chain with our global manufacturing platform meeting all the necessary quality requirements. We pride ourselves on the strong quality, quality by design and ease-of-use attributes that we put in to all our Allegro single-use systems, thus allowing our end users to meet all the safety and regulatory requirements.

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Automated Solutions

The evolution of the single-use market has developed from simple liquid filtration applications to progressively more complex process steps, across a range of upstream and downstream applications. As a result, our end users require the possibility to operate in single-use mode but with the level of reliability and robustness provided by fully automated process solutions.

The availability of single-use sensors (eg for pressure, flow, conductivity) allows designs of disposable flowpaths that incorporate these sensors to monitor key process parameters.

Automated systems for running complex single-use processes can deliver consistency in product quality, reduced labor costs and reduction of operator errors.

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Automated solutions

Sterile Fluid Transfer

Pall is the market leader in sterile connection and disconnection technology. Coupling this with the Allegro single-use filling needles and ultra clean sterilizable packaging ,these technologies provide complete solutions for end users for final fill operations.

All of these technologies have been validated and qualified to the current regulatory standards in order to assure the highest level of quality assurance in these critical operations.

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Fluid Management

The Allegro portfolio provides a comprehensive range of single-use systems and hardware designed for minimum operator interaction, robust fluid handling and product safety. Our Allegro biocontainer systems and hardware are designed to work together, using the same state-of-the-art, transparent, low extractables film from small scale up to the largest 3D biocontainer. 100% biocontainer leak testing at manufacture and self-filling provides unparalleled process safety in single-use fluid handling.

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Pall offers a wide range of validation, process development and consultancy services tailored for your specific needs for single-use technologies and applications. Our global team of experts can assist you from scale up to commercialization of biopharmaceutical processes. With over 40 years’ experience our SLS global technical support group can be your partner in single-use process solution and optimization.

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