Cell Harvest

Pall scientists gained an in-depth understanding of how cells from blood sources interact with fibrous materials when we developed Pall’s leukocyte reduction technology. This technology is used worldwide to improve the safety of blood transfusion. We have applied this experience to the development of unique basic cell selection systems for cell harvest or cell enrichment. Scientists working with stem cells are only just beginning to understand how to isolate or harvest stem cells from a broad range of biological samples that may include peripheral blood, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and tissues such as muscle and fat. Basic cell isolation or enrichment using Pall harvest systems provides a quick, easy to use, high performance process suitable for closed system processing. Pall’s harvest systems offer reproducible performance with minimal operator training. Cell isolation or enrichment using Pall’s harvest systems can be incorporated as a critical first step in the production of safe and effective cellular products.

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Image: Cells entrapped in fibers.

Webcast: A Rapid Closed System for MNC Enrichment (recorded at ISCT 2007). 

Poster: Pall presents a further characterization of the Pall Filter Harvest System at ISCT 2007. Advanced technology results in high MNC recoveries (typically > 75% from 50 ml) in <15 minutes.