Infusion Therapy Scientific and Technical Information

  • The Significance of Particles and Incompatibilities in Infusion Therapy (brochure)
  • Posidyne® ELD Filter (data sheet)
  • Posidyne NEO Intravenous Filter Set (data sheet)
  • Supor® AEF Intravenous Filter Set (data sheet)
  • Lipipor™ TNA Filter Set (data sheet)
  • Lipipor TNA2E Filter for Parenteral Nutrition - EU (data sheet)
  • Lipipor NLF Filter for Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition - EU (data sheet)


  • Learn about how to protect your critically ill patients from  the potential risks of intravenous microparticles based on  new experimental research and clinical data. Play video... 

Training and Education 

  • Pall Lipipor TNA2 Filter for Parenteral Nutrition Priming Instructions (instructions)
  • Pall Lipipor NLF Filter for Parenteral Nutrition Priming Instructions (instructions)
  • Pall Supor AEF Filter Priming Instructions (for AEF1, AEF1YE, AEF1NTE) (instructions
  • Pall Posidyne NEO Filter Priming Instructions (instructions)

Technical Data

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Infusion Therapy - IV Filters FAQs