Pharmacy Filtration

Protection of Health Care Providers
During Reconstitution of Drugs

For health care pharmacy professionals, improving patient outcomes begins with safe and effective preparation of pharmaceutical solutions. Reconstitution of sterile cytotoxic drugs involves procedures to protect patients and health care workers during handling, dispensing, and administration of drugs. Health care workers may be at risk while preparing or administering antineoplastic injections, including exposure to cytotoxic or hazardous drug aerosols during drug reconstitution, or during the withdrawal of drugs from rubber-sealed vials. This exposure can result in skin and eye irritation and has the potential for cumulative damage to liver, kidneys, and chromosomes of health care workers.

Pall PharmAssure® - Filtration and Venting Products for the Health Care Pharmacy

The PharmAssure family of filtration products offers a complete range of products for the pharmacy and clinical wards to ensure the quality and safety of compounded products. Additionally, vented vial access devices protect pharmacy professionals and nurses from the hazards associated with exposure to cytotoxic or hazardous drugs from the preparation or administration of antineoplastic products.