Cord Blood Sterile Collection Bag

Safe and Convenient Cord Blood Collection for Vaginal Births and Cesarean Sections

  • Eliminate the need for extension sets or questions about sterility. Pall's Cord Blood Sterile Collection Bag is suitable for ALL cord blood collections whether within a sterile field in a cesarean section, or for cord blood collection during a vaginal birth. The Sterile Collection Bag accommodates either delivery method at a moment's notice with no additional parts or assembly required for use.
  • Maximize the final cell number with the Sterile Collection Bag, designed to accommodate up to 210 mL of cord blood. An in-line sterile air vent aids in recovery of cord blood from the tubing, and the unique bag shape helps to maximize the recovery of cell-rich plasma.
  • In-line DonorCare® Needleguard ensures safer cord blood collection by providing an added level of safety for collection staff against accidental needlestick injuries.
  • Manufactured to cGMP using validated manufacturing processes that ensure safe, consistent, and reliable product performance. Each bag is visually inspected prior to release and is fully traceable by lot number.
  • FDA NDA approved and CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive for the collection of cord blood.
As a key supplier to the cord blood banking industry, Pall provides a full range of bag sets that are used to prepare cord blood stem cells for cryopreservation and treatment.

Cord Blood Sterile Collection Bag Features

  • For the collection of umbilical cord blood from either a vaginal birth or within the sterile field of a cesarean section.
  • Anticoagulant type and volume are specifically selected for cord blood collection to ensure a robust and easy-to-use process:
    • Bag with 250 mL fill volume
    • Set contains 35 mL of Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) anticoagulant
    • Permits the collection of up to 210 mL of cord blood
  • Innovative packaging and the sterilization process result in a collection bag that can be used safely within the sterile surgical field.
  • Unique collection bag shape maximizes the recovery of cell-rich plasma.
  • The in-line sterile air vent permits the recovery of blood without the need to strip tubing; a process that can lead to cell damage. The tethered cap on the vent ensures that there are no loose parts in the sterile field.
  • Needle contains a finger-friendly contoured hub with a “bevel up” indicator to facilitate a secure needle stick into the umbilical vein.
  • DonorCare Needleguard is a simple but effective method for protecting against accidental needle-stick injuries to collection staff.
  • In-line spike entry port/tubing is compatible with sterile connection devices. This permits connection to other blood processing components by any preferred means. It also provides a back-up system for sterile connection device failure or lack of availability.
  • Multiple-use sampling port permits sample for testing and facilitates the addition of solutions such as sedimenting agents.