Infusion Therapy Filtration

Infusion Filters in Drug Delivery and Parenteral Nutrition

With the progress in medical treatment, infusion therapy has become increasingly complex, particularly in intensive care units. An increasing number of patients are undergoing complex and intense treatment, during which they encounter critical phases of impaired vital function, frequently accompanied by reduced microcirculation in vital organs.

During intravenous infusion therapy, up to 10 million particles > 2 μm may enter the patient’s blood system every day via infusion solutions.1,2

The Role of Infusion Filters

Particle Retention

Infusion filters (pore size rating 0.2 μm) can play a significant role in preventing contamination by integrating them in a point-of-care infusion system to provide effective protection against particles. Several studies have shown that the use of infusion filters considerably reduced complications associated with particles.3, 4

Air Elimination

In addition, infusion filters have an integrated hydrophobic membrane which enables them to remove gas bubbles from infusion solutions, significantly minimizing the risk of gas emboli.

Elimination of Oversized Lipid Droplets

Lipid filters (pore size 1.2 μm) safely prevent the infusion of oversized lipid droplets, preventing fat emboli and minimizing particle contamination.

Retention of Bacteria and Bacterial Endotoxins

Infusion filters with positively charged 0.2 μm membranes retain bacteria and their associated endotoxins.

In the Spotlight

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