Water Testing

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Particle Analysis in Water Distribution Systems

Water distribution systems, particularly in older or large buildings may contain high levels of organic and inorganic material in the form of particles (such as, sand, silicates, rust) and colloids. Those water contaminants may contribute to biofilm formation or be derived from already established biofilm within the system. The particulate load in the water may visibly change the water color. The turbidity of the water represents an indicator of the particulate/colloidal concentration in the system.

Particulate and colloidal load in water distribution systems can be analyzed using the Silt Density Index test (SDI). Pall Life Sciences offers SDI testing in your facilities by our specialists. Please contact your local Pall representative in order to find out if an SDI test can be performed in your facility.

Please note: Flow reduction or blockage of POU sterilizing grade filters before their intended lifetime may indicate a high particulate load in the water distribution system.

Based on the individual review of the SDI report, system specific and cost effective prefiltration technologies can be selected from a large Pall pre-filter portfolio in order to deliver maximum benefits for your water distribution system.