Applications for Display Manufacturing

  • Chemical Filtration

    Pall offers a variety of filter element configurations to meet both GEN 10 and beyond requirements, as well as smaller substrate sizes.  We produce a broad range of membrane materials (polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polypropylene, ECTFE, PTFE and non dewetting PTFE) to meet the particle removal needs specific to the substrate sizes. Learn more...
  • Lithography Filtration

    Pall has engineered both point-of-use capsules and filter elements, in a variety of media and micron sizes, for the filtration of resists and solvents used during the coating and developing processes.  These capsules and elements are designed for easy change-out, thereby limiting tool down-time and reducing cost of ownership (COO). Learn more...
  • Liquid Crystal Filtration

    Pall filters exhibit excellent initial filter cleanliness to reduce rinse up-time, minimize down-time and improve product yields. Learn more...
  • Gas Filtration and Purfication

    Removal of fine particles from both bulk and point-of-use gas streams is critical for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays. The efficiency of membrane, metal or ceramic filters in gaseous service is substantially different from that in liquid service. Pall gas filters are typically rated at 3 nm, the smallest particle that can be reliably measured using a condensation nucleus counter (CNC). Learn more...
  • Ultrapure Water Filtration

    Pall provides filters for pre-reverse osmosis, resin trap, loop and point-of-use locations.  Removal of trace metals to the low ppt range can be accomplished with the IonKleen Purification series of cartridges. Learn more... 

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