Chemical Filtration for Display Manufacturing

Producers of GEN 10 and higher glass substrates need chemical filtration products that can handle high flow rates while meeting the required removal retentions.


Wet etching, stripping, developing and cleaning applications for making TFT arrays, as well as the steps involved in the color filter process, will require products that are able to handle flow rates in excess of 300 LPM with a minimal footprint, to help reduce manufacturing costs.

Pall Microelectronics offers a variety of filter element configurations to meet both GEN 10 and beyond requirements, as well as smaller substrate sizes.   

We produce a broad range of membrane materials (polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polypropylene, ECTFE, PTFE and non dewetting PTFE) to meet the particle removal needs specific to the substrate sizes. 

Filter housings are available for the flow rate requirements of the various chemicals used in these processes.

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Products for Chemical Filtration in Display Manufacturing

Filter Cartridges

Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)
Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is recommended for chemicals which are compatible with PTFE and polypropylene. 

Emflon® PF Filter (Chemical Filtration)
Emflon® PF Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is an all fluoropolymer cartridge, utilizing pleated filter medium for the filtration of aggressive process fluids.

Fluorodyne® Filters
Fluorodyne® FiltersThis filter has been developed to meet the stringent requirements of today's high purity DI water applications.

Fluorodyne® VA and Fluorodyne® TF Filters
Fluorodyne® VA and Fluorodyne® TF FiltersThese filters are specifically designed to provide rapid bath clean up in recirculating nickel plating baths, and are also ideally suited for use in recirculated cleaning baths of DI water and alkaline soaps.

Fluoryte High Flow Filter
Fluoryte™ High Flow FilterThis filter's design enables improved flow rates and extended service life over conventional filter media corrugation and support methods, including those that use more area or variable pleat size combinations.

HDC® II - J Series
HDC® II - J SeriesThis filter cartridges is constructed of pure polypropylene, high area, pleated media.

P Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)
P Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is specifically recommended for bulk filtration of photoresists and chemicals that are compatible with PTFE and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter Cartridge
Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter CartridgeThis filter cartridge is an innovative merger of depth and pleated technologies that provides high flow rates with low drops in pressure.

Prewet UltiKleen and Kleen-Change® Filters
Prewet UltiKleen™ and Kleen-Change® FiltersFilter cartridges made from all fluoropolymer components are used to filter high purity chemicals in today's semiconductor fabrication processes.

Profile® II Filters
Profile® II Filter ElementsThis filter has numerous applications in a broad range of industries that include chemical, petrochemical, photochemical, pharmaceutical, biological, electronic, magnetic tape, electroplating, food and beverage, cosmetic, veterinary, medical and fermentation industries. It can be used as both a prefilter and as a final filter.

Profile® UP Filter
This filter's elements are ideal for viscous fluids and dispersions in addition to those many applications where long service life is desired.

Small Flow Emflon® Filter
Small Flow Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is recommended for chemicals which are compatible with PTFE and polypropylene.

UltiKleen CDS Filter
UltiKleen™ - CDS FilterThis filter is Pall's standard all-fluoropolymer cartridge for the semiconductor industry. It is designed primarily for use in today’s bulk chemical delivery systems.

UltiKleen™-S Filter and UltiKleen-G2
UltiKleen™-S Filter and UltiKleen-G2This filter is an advanced all-fluoropolymer cartridge that is highly recommended for critical chemical filtration.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filters
Ultipleat® High Flow FiltersThis filter is suited for applications such as cooling water, pre-RO, and resin trap filtration. 

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter For Etchant Applications
Ultipleat® High Flow Filter
For Etchant ApplicationsThe Ultipleat High Flow Filter is designed for TFT LCD liquid applications, such as wet etching and cleaning.

Ultipleat® HP Filter
Ultipleat® HP FilterThis filter is specifically designed for use in recirculating nickel plating baths to provide rapid bath clean-up. It is also ideally suited for use in recirculated cleaning baths of DI water and alkaline soaps.

Ultipleat® PC Filter
Ultipleat® PC FilterThis filter is specifically recommended for component parts cleaning applications where high flow rates, together with a 0.2 um particle removal rating, are required.

Ultipleat® PK Filter
Ultipleat® PK FilterThis filter cartridges is designed for high flow rate, aqueous applications required on 7G and 8G liquid crystal display (LCD) processes.

Ultipleat® PKS Filter
Ultipleat® PKS FilterThis cartridge is designed for high flow rate, aqueous applications required for 5G to the newest generation of liquid crystal display (LCD) processes.

Ultipor® GF-HV Filter
Ultipor® GF-HV FilterThis filter is well suited for slurry filtration applications having high viscosities and substantial solid concentrations.

VaraClean CET Series Filter Cartridges
VaraClean CET Series Filter CartridgesThis high-surface-area asymmetric membrane filter cartridge is designed for copper electroplating applications.

Water-Fine Series Filter Cartridges
Water-Fine Series Filter CartridgesThis DI and high-purity water filter delivers superior flow rates and long service life.

WFPK Series Filter Cartridges
WFPK Series Filter CartridgesFor high llow LCD cleaning processes. High flow applications in generation 5 and higher LCD cleaning equipment


Fluoro-Plus II PFA Filter Housings
Fluoro-Plus™ II PFA Filter HousingsThis single cartridge filter housing is designed for critical chemical applications in electronics.

Megaplast In-Line PFA Filter Housing
Megaplast™ In-Line PFA Filter HousingThis filter housing is designed to meet the stringent cleanliness and compatibility requirements of ultrapure chemicals.

Megaplast Polypropylene and PVDF Filter Housings (Ultrapure Water Filtration)
Megaplast™ Polypropylene and PVDF Filter Housings (Ultrapure Water Filtration)These filter housings are designed to provide excellent mechanical characteristics without utilizing any metallic components.



IonKleen™ SL Purifier
IonKleen™ SL PurifierThis purifier has been specifically designed for the removal of metal ions from organic solvents and mixtures of organic solvents and resins.