Gas Particle Filtration for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The dramatic rise in the use of all types of high-purity gases has been driven by the process requirements for advanced device manufacturing.

In order to achieve and maintain the high purities required of these gases, the selection of appropriate filters for bulk and point-of-use applications is absolutely essential.

Filter Requirements

The need for higher purity process gases used in IC manufacture has led to a rethinking of the criteria used to evaluate filter performance. 

A particle removal rating is not the only measure used in selecting various filter products. One must also consider the filter's potential for outgassing harmful impurities and for particle shedding.

This concern also applies to filter components and housings.

Pall recognizes the importance of proper material selection, cleanliness standards, housing surface preparation, and specialized manufacturing processes with regard to product quality.

Our knowledge allowed us to introduce practices that have become industry standards.


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All Pall Gaskleen® filter assemblies are:

  • Packaged in special double bags and purged with high-purity nitrogen to prevent moisture and oxygen contamination.
  • Protected by an outside aluminized mylar vapor barrier bag that provides additional assurance of cleanliness.
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