Pre-Plate for Data Storage Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process for nickel plated aluminum substrates, the aluminum disks are subjected to a series of pre-treatment baths prior to electroless nickel plating.

In these baths, the discs are first cleaned and etched, and then coated with a thin layer of zinc.  Particles must be removed from the baths so that the zinc deposition process is not compromised, which could then affect the subsequent electroless nickel plating step. 

Pall Corporation offers a number of filters with either polypropylene, polysulfone or polyether sulfone membranes for this application.

Pre-Plate Filtration Products
for Data Storage Manufacturing

Filter Cartridges

Poly-Fine® II Series Filter Cartridges
Poly-Fine® II Series Filter CartridgesThis proprietary filter media delivers highly consistent performance, high-contaminant holding capacity and wide chemical compatibility.

Water-Fine Series Filter Cartridges
Water-Fine Series Filter CartridgesThis is DI and high purity water filter with superior flow rates and long service life.

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