Glass Fiber Media (Hydrophilic)

For General Filtration Applications


Glass fiber media provide utility in a variety of life sciences applications requiring efficient clarification of aqueous-based solutions. Available in a broad range of particle retention sizes and thicknesses, they can be used in a variety of sample preparation, prefiltration, diagnostic, and analytical testing applications. The various thicknesses allow for the processing of highly viscous samples and/or large sample volumes without compromising flow rates. You can choose between binder-free borosilicate glass for complete purity or glass fiber media with acrylic binders for added strength. The binder-free materials eliminate the risk of unwanted contaminants and extractables leaching into the sample. In addition, our glass fiber media exhibit excellent wet strength for easy filter handling and integrity during use or in a manufacturing environment.


The use of glass fiber media as a prefiltration material allows for the efficient processing of particulate-laden samples. Selecting a thicker material increases the dirt loading capacity allowing for filtering solutions with heavy particulate loads. The incorporation of a prefilter into a device extends the life of the final filter resulting in fewer final filter changes being required. Similarly, filtration costs can be reduced if prefilters are incorporated as they minimize the premature fouling of the final filter when processing difficult-to-filter solutions.


In diagnostic applications, glass fiber media can be used as absorbent sample pads and sample wicks where it acts as a prefilter removing debris and particulate from the sample. Utilizing glass fiber materials in this way helps maintain a uniform sample front as it moves down the test strip. In addition to glass fiber media, Pall also has a family of absorbent pads and sample wicks optimized specifically for lateral flow diagnostics.

Sample Preparation

Glass fiber media is a commonly used substrate for the isolation and reversible binding of biomolecules, specifically nucleic acids. High yields and purity have been achieved using Pall glass fiber materials in applications such as plasmid DNA purification.

Analytical Testing

For analytical applications, glass fiber membrane is often used for testing dissolved and suspended solids in wastewater. Our glass fiber type A/E membrane meets the requirements for suspended solids testing as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, current edition. Gravimetric analysis of air pollutants also uses glass fiber type A/E for commonly employed air sampling methods.