Vivid™ Plasma Separation Membrane

One Step Plasma Separation from Whole Blood


Integral to molecular diagnostic operations is the generation of high quality plasma from whole blood samples. The Vivid Plasma Separation membrane utilizes a patented process where a highly asymmetric membrane is specifically engineered for the generation of plasma from whole blood. The highly asymmetric nature of the membrane allows the cellular components of the blood (red cells, white cells, and platelets) to be captured in the larger pores without lysis, while the plasma flows down into the smaller pores on the downstream side of the membrane. The rapid separation process yields plasma similar in HPLC and SDS PAGE profiles to traditional centrifuged plasma in less than two minutes.

Non-specific binding of clinically relevant biomarkers is a concern when working with porous materials in diagnostic applications. Whole blood processed through the Vivid Plasma Separation membrane has shown equivalent 2DE protein profiles for the cardiac biomarker Troponin I as compared to centrifuged plasma. These data indicate that the protein concentration of clinical biomarkers is not reduced when processed through the membrane making it an ideal material for diagnostic applications.

One Step Separation of Plasma from Whole Blood Without Centrifugation Using Vivid Plasma Separation Membrane

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