PTFE Membrane

For Venting Applications


PTFE membranes are hydrophobic in nature and are effective barriers to microbes and particulate matter. The high titer reduction and water intrusion pressures allow the membrane to repel high surface tension liquids while venting gases. PTFE membranes are used in a variety of healthcare applications such as vents on IV filters and spike vents, protecting equipment and sensors from fluids and contamination. Material characteristics include broad chemical compatibility, excellent particle retention, easy handling and sealing, and compatibility with various sterilizing methods, making it a versatile material for applications which require a hydrophobic barrier. Whether you need to keep fluid confined while letting air or gas pass, a breathable particle, or a sterile barrier, PTFE is the ideal membrane. Excellent lot-to-lot consistency ensures product performance meets critical application requirements. Our PTFE membrane has one of the best ratios of airflow to particle retention available on the market.

The membrane is available laminated to various support materials including multiple grades of woven and non-woven polypropylenes and polyesters as well as calendered supports. These support fabrics are very durable, giving the membrane excellent handling and machining characteristics. The support material available also imparts broad sealing capabilities to the membrane allowing easy assembly into devices. Additionally, the wide chemical and temperature compatibility and compliance with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Tests, In Vivo <88> for biosafety ensures robust performance in critical venting applications.