Coagulated and Settled Water

If you use low-quality source waters, an option for increasing flux rates is to allow coagulated materials to settle before feeding the clarified supernatant to the Pall Aria™ system. This has immediate financial benefits if you have settling equipment in place, but it is still cost-effective if you purchase the equipment. Fewer microfiltration modules are needed when settling is part of the treatment process, so the expense of the settling equipment is offset by what you save on the modules.

The following table presents performance data for the processing of coagulated and settled water. The data shows that settling equipment enables Pall Aria system performance to remain relatively stable despite changes in water quality.

Typical performance data for Pall Aria systems processing coagulated and settled water

Avg turbidity (NTU) TOC avg mg/L Flux (GFD) Recovery (%)
<50 <5 75 97
<50 >5 75 97
Up to 100 >5 75 97

Process flow using Pall Aria system to treat coagulated and settled water

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