Direct Coagulated Water

With microfiltration membranes, coagulation can improve the removal efficiency of harmful contaminants such as arsenic, natural organic matter, and phosphorous.

When coagulant is added and the proper pH established, the Pall Aria™ system can reduce arsenic to well below the maximum level (10 μg/L) specified by the US EPA’s Arsenic Rule. This is the case even if your source water contains more than 50 μg/L arsenic.

Disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids are formed when chlorine reacts with natural organic matter in the feed water. Removal of organic matter reduces these byproducts. Coagulant injected upstream of a Pall Aria system can eliminate 30-60% of the organic matter and attain a recovery rate of approximately 90-95%. It is more cost-effective than nanofiltration or reverse osmosis (RO) for this purpose.

Typical performance data for Pall Aria systems processing direct coagulated surface water

Avg turbidity (NTU) TOC avg mg/L Flux (GFD) Recovery (%)
<50 <5 75 97
<50 >5 51 95
Up to 100  >5  35 93

Process flow using Pall Aria system to treat direct coagulated water

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