Membrane Solutions for Water Treatment

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Life expectancy and the occurrence of enteric diseases are directly related to the availability of a purified water supply.  (more)

In the Spotlight

Governments and international legislative bodies worldwide are redefining what is "safe to drink." The United States has led the way by passing into law an amended Safe Drinking Water Act.

This Act strictly limits the levels of protozoan cyst, coliform, virus, arsenic and particulate matter allowable in drinking water. These standards are a yardstick by which the international community is measuring the safety of their public water supply. It is anticipated that similar legislation will be passed in Europe and Japan.

The European community is considering these standards and the World Health Organization (WHO) provides the impetus for issuing a minimum common standard for the European countries. Upgrading safety standards is a tremendous global challenge, as is the need to replace aging infrastructures and meet the growing demands of developing nations for water treatment.

Pall Corporation partners with governments, municipalities and industry to economically and effectively meet these challenges with a viable, affordable solution: membrane filtration for drinking water.

In municipalities across the world, improvements made to water treatment facilities must ensure compliance with the standards of today, and enable a community to effectively manage water supply risks and resources in the future.

Municipal managers must look at water utility integration in a new way. Increased risks of contracting some cancers and disease due to chlorinated organic matter and compounds has prompted municipalities to investigate and test advanced filtration technology. Pall's membrane filtration systems form positive barriers to waterborne parasites, particles and organic matter. Higher standards of water purity must be attained while reducing operating costs. The systems maximize pure water production while minimizing the costs associated with sludge handling and operator error.

Today, Pall membrane systems are being used in Australia, England, France, Germany, Arizona, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Puerto Rico for systems processing flows up to 25 million gallons per day. As water differs, from country to country, and even within a country, we offer the municipal/industrial water markets the broadest array of membrane filtration systems available.

Refineries, power plants, paper mills, semiconductor manufacturers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies, municipal water districts and a host of others are among the many customers taking advantage of membrane technology to reduce their water treatment costs. Together with them, we here at Pall Corporation are committed to the purification and conservation of our planet's most important natural resource - water.